Powering Industry

Senex is a supplier of affordable, reliable, and secure energy to support Australian based manufacturing and jobs. We partner with large organisations such as CSR, Visy and Adbri to power industry across Australia’s east coast.

The energy we provide is essential to our modern lives and for the thriving communities we serve. We support thousands of workers who make essential goods – from bricks to plasterboard to glass bottles. We’re also playing our part in the global energy transformation, delivering essential energy for the journey to a cleaner energy future.

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Our commitment to Australian industry

Natural gas from Senex’s developments is directed primarily to domestic manufacturing and electricity generation, delivering material supply to the east coast market, and powering Australian productivity from Mt Isa to Adelaide.

Powering productivity from Mt Isa to Adelaide’

Senex and AGL have entered into a conditional gas supply agreement for the supply of up to 42 petajoules (PJ) of natural gas from January 2025 from its proposed Atlas expansion in Queensland’s Surat Basin. We’re proud to be partnering with AGL to support Australians with the energy they need to keep the lights on and the factories working. Read more here.

In 2023 we signed a gas supply deal with manufacturing and resource recovery business Visy to supply 20 petajoules (PJ) of natural gas for ten years from January 2026. This agreement will support Visy in growing its manufacturing operations. We’re proud to support such an important Queensland manufacturer in their packaging and recycling efforts. Learn more here.

Natural gas from Senex’s Atlas acreage is powering the kilns that make building products found in Australian homes. Natural gas provided from Senex is a key energy source in CSR’s manufacturing plants that make well-known building products like Gyprock plasterboard, Bradford insulation and PGH  bricks. 

Since 2019 Senex’s secure and reliable natural gas supply has ensured stability for Australian manufacturing jobs and provided CSR the ability to produce essential building products used to build Australian homes. 

Under the seven-year agreement until 2030, Senex will supply natural gas to Adbri, a leading cement manufacturer in the Australian market.

The energy agreement will support Adbri in delivering low-cost and low-carbon cement manufacturing operations in South Australia, whilst also supporting the economy and local jobs.

Committed to our customers

Our natural gas is principally sold under long-term agreements, underpinning our long-life developments and ensuring reliable energy supply for our customers.

We are proud of the strong relationships we foster with our partners and work hard to continue these by creating long-term relationships centred on mutual value creation.

Our customers value the secure, reliable and flexible energy we can supply over the long term. From Mt Isa to Adelaide, energy retailers and domestic manufacturers use Senex gas to make essential goods and keep the lights on for Australian households and businesses.

“Natural gas will continue to play a vital role in Australian industry in both replacing carbon-intensive forms of energy and providing a reliable source of energy as renewables and new technologies develop.”
Ian Davies
Senex CEO

Natural gas in our modern world

Natural gas provides around 40% of Australia’s gas used for manufacturing
Natural gas plays a crucial role in powering the machinery and equipment in manufacturing plants, including boilers, furnaces, turbines and generators.
Natural gas is essential in the powering of manufacturing processes that involve high-temperature operations, such as metal smelting and refining.
Natural gas has is recognised by the International Energy Agency as an integral part of the energy mix towards net zero until at least 2050

Providing sustainable, cleaner energy to Australians

As we look ahead to a sustainable future, natural gas is a key player in meeting our demand for reliable and affordable energy and in enabling the complex energy transformation.

Natural gas is an essential ally to renewables and in facilitating new energy production, it’s an essential feedstock for industry where there are no viable alternatives and importantly, it will continue to be essential in delivering reliable and affordable energy.

We’re committed to working towards net zero emissions by 2050, both nationally and globally. At the same time, we’re focused on ensuring Australian industries and homes have access to secure and affordable energy.