Fast Facts

The natural gas we produce is used to power Australian manufacturing

natural gas provides around 40% of energy used for Australian manufacturing to produce essential goods – from bricks and plasterboard to packaging and glass bottles – that power our modern way of life.

Provides secure and reliable energy to support Australia’s energy security and transformation.
Our developments are known as Atlas and North Roma, in Queensland’s Surat Basin.
Senex plans to deliver 60 petajoules (PJ) of natural gas per year by the end of 2025, which represents more than 10 per cent of annual east coast gas requirements.
Natural gas is used in 80% of the world’s nitrogen fertilisers, essential to grow food to feed our global population of over 8 billion people.
Natural gas is recognised by the International Energy Agency as an integral part of the energy mix towards net zero until at least 2050.
The natural gas we produce is used to power and heat homes

as part of the energy mix, natural gas is an important firming fuel alongside renewables, keeping the lights on when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.

Natural gas is a non-substitutable feedstock and industrial heating fuel for manufacturing of products such as bricks, glass, fertiliser and emerging modern products like graphene used in electronics.
Natural gas is a highly flexible and versatile energy source, making it essential for powering high-intensity industrial processes.
Without natural gas, the world could not produce the essential cement, steel, plastics and ammonia needed to power our modern world and drive the energy transformation.
More than 150PJ of Natural Gas for Australians

More than 150PJ has been committed to Australian manufacturers and energy retailers through long-term conditional gas supply agreements from Senex’s Atlas expansion.