Roma North

Our Roma North development, located in the Maranoa region of Queensland, supplies east coast and international markets with natural gas supply.

Our supply contributes to replacing emission intensive fuels internationally while delivering critical new supply to domestic customers.

proposed natural gas wells
of land farmed and irrigated with water supplied by Senex for beneficial use
$ million
to be invested into local communities and supporting jobs

Roma North Operations

Natural gas production at Roma North is currently undergoing an expansion to double production by 2025.
Field development area of ~800km2
$200m injected into local businesses and regional areas.
Investment in feedlot water supply, irrigation, dams and infrastructure to support local farming.

Supplying domestic and international markets

The natural gas supplied from our Roma North development is a significant contributor to Queensland, creating local jobs, economic development and community investment in regional communities.

Natural gas from Roma North provides an affordable, reliable and lower-carbon energy to replace more emissions-intensive energies and reduce emissions for Australia and across the globe.

Gas from Roma North

Playing our part in the energy transformation

The International Energy Agency (IEA) and Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) agree natural gas is a critical part of the energy mix to meet global energy demand throughout the energy transition to reach net zero emissions. Achieving Australia’s net zero 2050 target includes a healthy Australian manufacturing industry, a reliable power grid, and use of Australian resources for national development and security. The role of natural gas is acknowledged as: 

  • a non-substitutable feedstock and industrial heating fuel for manufacturing of products such as bricks, glass, fertiliser and emerging modern products such as graphene used in electronics
  • playing an essential firming role alongside renewables in electricity generation to ensure energy reliability for households and industry
  • an affordable, reliable and lower-carbon energy to replace coal-fired electricity generation and reduce emissions for Australia and across the globe.