Health & Safety

The safety, health and wellbeing of our workforce and community is our top priority

Safe work is successful work

The health, safety and wellness of our workforce, contractors and community comes first at Senex. Genuine care is core to our culture and fundamental to ensuring a healthy, safe and happy workforce. Our number one goal is for people to work safely, and to return home to their families healthy and safe each day.

We deliver this goal through focusing on the things that matter and that we must get right to safely deliver our business objectives. This includes:

  • fostering a reporting and continuous improvement culture that is centered on learning from high potential incidents and prevention, including industry incidents and learnings events  
  • ensuring our people receive the necessary training, competencies and supervision for safe work  
  • proactive identification of risks and hazards and implementation of appropriate controls 
  • challenging and verifying the effectiveness of critical controls   
  • promoting mental health and wellbeing through awareness, connectedness, and flexible work arrangements. 

We continue to invest heavily in establishing rigorous management systems and processes designed to keep our people safe whilst strengthening our culture of genuine care for each other.  

Our approach

Senex takes health, safety and wellbeing seriously. Find out more about our track record and policy commitments.