Our foundation Atlas asset, located near Wandoan, Queensland, was the first natural gas acreage in Australia dedicated to domestic supply.

From Atlas, we provide Australian manufacturers and energy retailers with affordable and reliable gas. Gas that keeps the lights on for households and thousands of factory workers in jobs as they continue manufacturing the essential goods that power our modern world.

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committed to Australian manufacturers and energy retailers from Senex’s expansion
proposed natural gas wells
of land farmed and irrigated with water supplied by Senex for beneficial use
$ million
to be invested into local communities and supporting jobs

Atlas operations

Atlas is set to double production by 2025
Field development area of ~230km2
The project is part of a $200m injection into local businesses and the regional area
Supplied water for beneficial use to irrigate land for farming

Powering Australian manufacturing

Senex is one of the key producers of gas for commercial and industrial customers in a tightening east coast domestic market, facilitating the production of electricity and everyday consumer products like bricks and beverage bottles.

Our Atlas operations supply to customers such as CSR Building Products, Orora, Visy, Southern Oil Refining, Nyrstar, Adbri and New Century Resources.