Landholder partnerships

Working together for mutual benefit

Senex operates in a diverse rural land, where landholders live and work. We take the responsibility of sharing this landscape seriously, striving to be good neighbours, partners, and community members.

active landholder agreements
tracks and roads upgraded
re-use provided for irrigation
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Our approach

Proactively working to be good neighbours

Landholders are long-term partners in our Senex operations. Our commitment includes fair and reasonable practices, tailored engagement with stakeholders, and strict accountability to agreed standards. We actively strive to be good neighbours and responsible community members guided by principles of approachability, reliability, trustworthiness, flexibility, and respect.

In partnership with landholders

Drought proofing the Maranoa & Western Downs

Senex is committed to finding productive and sustainable uses for water produced through the natural gas production process.

Through the natural gas extraction process across Senex’s operations, around 3.2ML of groundwater is produced each day. We redirect as much of this water as we can to beneficial uses such as irrigation or other agricultural purposes. We work with landowners to understand their water quality and quantity needs and plan storage infrastructure for produced water to fit with their operation.

  • 57% of all produced water across Roma North and Atlas is being directed to beneficial use with more on the way
  • Reuse of 640 megalitres (ML) of produced water in 2022 to enable irrigation
  • 249 hectares oof agricultural land irrigated through water supply partnerships