Senex staff help students to absorb the importance of STEM knowledge

Year seven students from Wandoan and Taroom State Schools were able to see firsthand how what they’re learning in the science lab can set them up for life after school.

Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) delivered the Water 4 All workshop at Wandoan State School in partnership with Senex on April 19.

Senex team members Kim Owen and Lidia Gossmann are both geologists who specialise in different fields. Both took time to share with students how their day-to-day work makes a difference.

Kim focuses on operations which is the work of drilling for gas out in the field while Lidia’s work involves developing water management strategies to ensure the best outcomes for both the environment and the community.

Kim and Lidia helped the students use the knowledge they learn in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to solve challenges faced when filtrating and purifying water.

The students were split into teams where they used real-time water quality monitoring and data collection and analytics to determine the most effective and efficient ways to filter water.

Kim told the students while she was interested in science when she was at high school, she didn’t realise just how broad the field was and how many different career options it offered as a student.

She lived in Wandoan early in her career and told the students they too could study STEM and work in their local community.

Senex Energy Community Relations Manager Trevor Robertson said the workshop was a valuable opportunity for the students to discover the endless exciting career opportunities available to STEM professionals.

“Students were able to see firsthand the critical role experts like Senex’s hydrogeologists and data and analytics managers play in ensuring the quality and quantity of water needs are met across our operations,” Mr Robertson said.

“Our hope is that students are encouraged to take an interest in STEM subjects and one day take up a job in the all-important resources sector, which delivers so much for the local community and society in general.”