Senex extends Wandoan Photo Challenge sponsorship

SENEX Energy will continue as sponsor of the Wandoan Photo Challenge for the next three years after announcing continued support for the annual competition last week.

Despite Covid-19 prompting the competition to shift online this year, entries in the 2020 Photo Challenge increased more than half to 247 photos.

Senex’s Community Relations Manager Trevor Robertson said further support would help the competition to increase its contribution to Wandoan.

“This gives certainty to the organisers in uncertain times,” he said.

Small Town, Big Country

Wandoan Photo Challenge Coordinator Helen Golden welcomed Senex’s three-year commitment.

“In 2021, we have a new judge on board and two new Work categories: one for normal work photos and the other for close-up shots capturing the finer details of work,” she said.

“We’ll also have the ongoing category Small Town, Big Country.

“Work is central to our lives, but it’s not always what you think of it as.

“Yes, it is mustering a mob of cattle or drilling on a rig, but it can also be the untold work of caring for others and our land.

“It could be someone cooking to feed the work crew, to someone repairing a saddle, to the kids feeding poddies.

“We want to see images that capture the essence of work, that bring out the skill, the emotion and even some of the beauty or drama that weaves itself into our everyday.”

Broader participation

Trevor welcomed the new work theme, saying it opened the competition up to a wider pool of participants.

“Work is a big part of what makes up the great communities like Wandoan and surrounding towns and districts,” he said.

“The work categories will acknowledge the diverse work that goes on, from the gas industry to agriculture to truck drivers to shops.

“I think if people looked closely at all the businesses that are within 100km of Wandoan, they’d be surprised at just how different they all are and it’s our hope that the entries will showcase this diversity.”

Trevor said the photo challenge was unique in that it promoted Wandoan and the surrounding district and also supported the success of the Wandoan Show.

“We’ve been on board with the photo challenge the last couple of years and seen the competition grow over that time,” he said.

“We’d like to see it grow even more. Being part of the community, it’s important that events like this stay strong in these challenging times.”

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