Play On hits the road thanks to Senex Energy!

RICK Abbot’s Play On tells the hilarious story of a small town theatre group trying to
perform a play despite the playwright’s constant revisions which create comedy chaos.

Thankfully Roma Performing Arts’ production of the play has been much smoother but just
as funny, with the group taking the performance on the road for the first time in a decade.
Roma Performing Arts President Terry Schefe said taking the show to other areas had been a
long-time tradition, but had fallen by the wayside in recent times.

Senex’s Trevor Robertson with Director Cathy Cooper, Actor Ellie Katherine and Producer Terry Schefe. PHOTO: Trina Ayers Photograph

“We are very grateful for Senex Energy partnering with us which meant we could hire a bus
to hit the road with our set and 10 person cast to perform at Surat and Walumbilla as well as
in Roma,” he said.

“Coming off the back of COVID, these local audiences love having something happening in
their own backyard and we’ve been really delighted with the response so far. We’re looking
forward to a strong finish with our last two shows in Roma this weekend.

“This play is funny, light-hearted and has the audience entertained all night long, so whether
you’re a theatre lover or you’ve never been, it’s a show you’ll enjoy!”

Senex Energy Community Relations Manager Trevor Robertson and colleagues attended the
Roma performance last Friday and said the local talent had them in stitches all night.

“Senex is delighted to support local community organisations like Roma Performing Arts
whose events boost the vitality and liveability of the Roma region,” he said.

“It’s wonderful to see new talent emerging in the region with half the cast performing for the
first time. I’m sure we’ll see more exciting productions in Roma and surrounds in the future.”